There are many approaches to childbirth and labor can present unplanned, unknown directions. Having a personal advocate for yourself in addition to your birthing team can greatly influence and encourage you to have a birthing experience that aligns closely to your desires. Having a labor consultant will not guarantee a specific birth experience however, having the assurance will help guide you through the transitions of birthing your baby. Having the assistance of a childbirth consultant can help encourage you are informed every step of the way, have all your option’s explored, guide you through comfort measures that can ease the process and in some ways, encourage a shorter time laboring. Niccole will work with you designing a path that is ideal to your birthing desires.

Upon delivery, Niccole’s facilitates immediate bonding with mother and baby. Establishing early bonds greatly enhances breastfeeding success, helps to reduce postpartum depression and allows baby to transition gently. A significant life event has happened, mom and baby are a team and Niccole’s role is to help the best beginnings for the family.

Niccole will meet with you once you have brought baby home. Moms benefit having home support and
resources and people that can provide reassurance and expertise in areas that are new to them. You and your baby have a very special, unique relationship and story that is very personal and meeting your new role as a mother can be overwhelming. Niccole’s support, experience and knowledge will help you through your new life event. Should you feel additional support is needed, Niccole can consult with you about your postpartum needs.

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