Niccole Murray - Doula By Nature

Niccole Murray is a Birth & Postpartum Consultant successfully owning a private solo practice since January 2000. Niccole received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Saint Mary’s College of California and chose the path of supporting women and their families through the transition of childbirth and postpartum. Niccole trained under the renowned Elizabeth Davis in the field of midwifery with the goal of supporting women and their families in a more personable and intimate way. Niccole continued education, training and certifying as a Monitrice as well as a Birth & Postpartum Doula. Niccole trained and certified through UCLA in Los Angeles, CA in breastfeeding and lactation. Niccole continues to provide birth and postpartum support, yet primarily helps parents by consulting in establishing their needs by designing and developing a direction of support that is unique, tailored. Niccole believes there is not an ideology for new parents. There is no expectation to know everything nor be prepared for every situation. Niccole normalizes the unexpected, the unfamiliar by way of her education, training and experience providing reassurance, confidence and ease as new families discover and adjust into their new life event as parents. Niccole’s experience includes LGBT families, twins & multiples, high needs/high risk, adoptions/surrogacy and home/hospital birth’s.

Supporting over 400 women in the birthing field and assisting over 60 postpartum families, you will feel confident and happy having Niccole a part of your team.